The COVID Corner


Update: February 28, 2022

We would like to reach out to convey changes in our COVID policies to adapt to rapid changes at the federal and state level. The pace of changes over the last few weeks has been remarkable, and we would again like to again thank our families for patience and trust in us.

Effective today, February 28, Illinois' Governor lifted the state's indoor masking requirements, including face coverings in day care settings. This change in policy does affect our children, families, and staff. We would like to be sensitive in moving forward of all family situations including our little ones who are not eligible for the vaccine. Katie's Kids will not require masking indoors and wearing a mask will now be optional for your family.

We will remain respectful and supportive in your families decision.

Vacation or Holiday Seasons: If your family decides to travel and/or celebrate in a large setting, we are asking that you quarantine following the event. Thank you for your understanding our request to take special precautions this holiday season. Katie's Kids appreciates your continued partnership with our center.

Mask Policy: 8/1/2021
Due to the increase in numbers of Covid-19 in our community and nationwide, we are asking all individuals dropping off and picking up children to wear a mask.

DCFS is still requiring that all adults and children over the age of 2 wear a mask inside of our building. We are requesting all adults to wear a mask at drop off and pick up, no matter vaccination status. Please remember that the majority of our population are not eligible for the vaccine and safety is our priority.

Family Pledge: The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases are rising in McLean County. Please continue to be mindful of your pledge to KKLC. We can not keep our children safe without you and your dedication to health and safety. You can help by doing the following:
    1. Continue to take precautions to limit your exposure as you move about in the community.
    2. Wash your hands often and wear your mask in group settings.
    3. If your child or someone in your household shows sign of illness, please use a cautious approach when deciding to send your child to school.
    4. If someone in your household shows signs of COVID-19 and needs to be tested, please keep your children at home until the results are known.
Drop Off and Pick Up: Katie's Kids REQUIRES all family members who drop off and pick up children to wear a mask. Please also maintain a 6 foot distance from others as you wait. These procedures are set to keep your family, other families, and our staff safe and healthy.