School Age Summer Camp 2021

School Age Summer Camp 2021
Do you have a school age child or know a family looking for summer care? Katie’s Kids wants to offer an invitation to our summer camp program.
  • Pricing: $60.00/day or $255.00/week
  • Registration: $65 early bird registration fee or $80 registration fee after May 1st
  • The summer application link is below, please return with days of attendance marked and the registration fee.
Summer 2021 School Age Application

Drop Off and Pick Up:

Katie’s Kids REQUIRES all family members who drop off and pick up children to wear a mask. If you are not feeling well or hold any COVID symptoms please arrange for someone else to drop of and pick up your child. This is to protect your family and the staff.

Outdoor Play:
  • Please make sure that you have your child’s sunscreen form filled out and returned. If you will be providing your own sunscreen please label and send it with your child.
  • As the weather turns warmer, our classrooms will be spending more time outside. Please make sure your children have appropriate outdoor attire. Boots and extra clothes are great to have as they will get wet and muddy during this season.
Sunscreen 2021 Form

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