May News Blast

Water Feature will be opening soon!!!
We ask that your child has the following items:
  • swimsuit/swim trunks/ water shirt
  • water shoes – similar to the picture shown
  • water swimmers if needed  
Change of Clothes
  • Please check your child’s cubbie for appropriate change of clothes for warm weather
Mud Kitchen

This summer we will be adding a mud kitchen to both the toddler and preschool playgrounds.  A mud kitchen provides the children an opportunity for:

  • Creative expression and invention (mud can become anything!) 
  • Problem solving opportunities (e.g. how to make soup thin or thick, how to make mud meatballs stick together)
  • Cooperative play possibilities (e.g. let’s cook dinner, let’s have a restaurant, let’s feed the baby-you be the baby) 
  • Stress reduction (being outdoors in nature helps children relax) 
  • Growing affection for the stuff on our earth-soil, stones, sand, and growing plants (leading to care for our planet)

Please let your child’s primary know if you would like your child’s clothes changed before they participate in this potentially messy play.

Teacher Appreciation Week
Just a reminder that National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7th – 11th! If you signed up to bring anything, you should receive a reminder email from There will soon be a table in the lobby with thank you cards available for you to use. Feel free to write (or help your child write) special notes to the KKLC staff!
Late Pick Up
Katie’s Kids closes at 6:00 p.m. For late pickup, all parents will be charged fairly and equally, regardless of the reason for being late. Calling ahead is an appreciated courtesy, but will not eliminate or reduce a late pickup fee.  If a child is not picked up prior to 6:00 p.m., late fees will apply. 

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